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Human Radio Samsara Lyrics


From a million miles away

I see you everyday

And you’re beautiful

Never close but you’re never far

So much more than just a star

There’s nothing here without you

You’re everywhere we are

And you’re warm to the touch

You surround us with light

I need you so much, I’m here for life


Super Solar Satellite

Spinning fast in flight

Copernicus was right

Super Solar Satellite

The gods that men devise

Reveal us through your eye

So terrifying and bright

We’re naked in your sight

Super Solar Satellite


A million years of power

Exploding every hour

And it’s beautiful

There’s no need for looking down

In holes you blow into the ground

For something everywhere

It’ll always be around

And with eyes to the sun

We can harvest the sky

Smile through space at the one

Whose heart ignites


Super Solar Satellite

Spinning fast in flight

Copernicus was right

Super Solar Satellite

Face to the divine

Streaking through the sky

Super Solar Satellite

The gods that men devise

Reveal us through your eye

So terrifying and bright

We’re naked in your sight 

Super Solar Satellite


Blue sky bright and free

The news of the world don’t mean much to me

Sunshine through the trees

The perfect life……that’s never meant to be

Newscast flash on screen

Describing a place I never want to see

Where psychos secretly steal a planet from humanity…


Don’t give in to the alienation

It comes from within

Don’t bow down when the alienation

Gets under your skin


They walk among us

They’re everywhere


Sunlight frightens me

I live in the dark where I can still believe

That people on the street

Are exactly who they’re supposed to be

Newsflash: your privacy

Got traded out for insecurity

The mutations lack empathy….

Could it even be inside of me????


I never wanted for a mountain, it just came to me

Woke up with a mountain between me and the deep blue sea

So I asked the mountain, “Why’d you come and find me?

I didn’t ask for a mountain between me and the one place I want to be.”

Listened hard to the mountain, it said nothing to me

So I climbed up the mountain, it was the only way to break free

Climbing up on the mountain made me forget about the sea

Started thinking that mountain was all my world was ever gonna be


When it’s real

It’s a long time coming round

And you feel

Like you’re never coming down

And it’s real

Took a long time, now you’re everywhere

While right here

Letting go, let it go now


Hanging out on the mountain seemed the right place to me

Satisfied on the mountain, I was a member of the family

A good life on the mountain, loving and living free

And I was happy on the mountain

Til I saw through the trees….a bird of the sea….

Got back climbing the mountain, no one there to stop me

Everybody on the mountain was right where they wanted to be

And at the top of the mountain, the sky was waiting for me

My sea surrounding the mountain

Blue as far as the eye could see….


It was you and me and the dew in the green green grass

In the twilight of the storm

And you held my hand as the last of the wind blew past

And we kept each other warm

And we listened til we heard the voices calling out

To follow the rocks down to the water


Slipping through shadows down an unseen ravine

Where we found the hidden shore

And we cupped our hands

And splashed our faces drinking too fast

But our bodies cried out for more

So we floated like a boat down the river

All the way to the ocean

Our bodies in motion

We are one with the water


At the top of the morning, word comes down the wire

Fight sides are forming, streets are catching fire

Now here comes a man with a megaphone

He’s got something to say

We’re stepping off into the unknown

this is a new day


Off in the distance, the drum begins its song

One by one the people join the line

There is no resistance, the rhythms are too strong

And everyone’s in time

We’re coming hot to the microphone

We’ve got something to say

If you’ve had enough, well you’re not alone

We feel the same way!


Feel the big drums rolling out

When the big drums come, move or move over!


The men with the bombs and the guns on the run

They’ve lost their minds!

“Take one down and fifty takes their place!”

Deafened and stunned by the millions of drummers out on the line

Playing for their lives

And we’re coming hot to the microphone

We’ve got something to say

We’re staying here, we’re not going home,

We’ll go the whole way!


Dig the pixels, lipstick red and chrome

Clean lines to greet you at the Treasuredome

Pleased to meet me, I can see it in your seen-it-all eyes

Beautiful people caught in every glance

Tickets paid, we got to take our chances


Here in the upper strata, Transatlantic Lives

New York or Paris? I just can’t decide

Supersonic baby always gets you there on time

Through uncertain skies, sit back enjoy the ride

When you went out on the wing, said you wanted to fly

You left me wondering….why’d you have to leave me so high?

You left me high


Urgent messages flashlight up the phone

Wanna see you Friday but I’m stuck in Rome

Pleased to hear it, sorry about the big surprise

Beautiful travelers swathed in perfect light

But the weather’s threatening

Everybody goes nowhere tonight…


Remember the time when you and I

First arrived here on the island?

All was provided by the light

We shared a paradise

But you wanted yours, I wanted mine

We drew the line and it defined us

Now we don’t talk much anymore

We just stare across the spaces

And you don’t recognize my face

We’re on opposite sides but we occupy the same place


Remember that we are one big family

Suspended in reality

And we’ve got to live here together

I’ve got you and you’ve got me

Lovers, strangers, enemies

Somehow we’ve got to live here together


Once we were right but now we fight

We’re bitter rivals on the island

Count out the time and waste our lives

Civilizing paradise

Now I want yours, you want mine

See how the animals get violent

And someone smart calls it a war

Now we glare across the table

Aiming instruments of pain

With our amazing brains that never will be able to remember…


Woke from a dream where I belonged

And there’s nobody home

The chorus gone, the curtains closed

The solo voice just seems so exposed

I’ve never been more alone


The doorway opens to the sun

But it hides behind the sky

Why am I here? What’s to be done?

I wander towards the highways blinking lights

I really don’t know why


I’ll walk in the garden with you no more


A smiling face in a dark dark place you find me

In all those moment I was never alone

You remind me

We were open wide and amazing

Faced em down guns blazing

We always did it all


I won’t follow you down

Wake up and turn this ship around


So many good good nights with my best befriender

We always did it up right

Just wish that I could….remember

When I found out you’re the deceiver

Shouldn’t have been so hard to see it

As we wrote it on the wall


I won’t follow you down

Wake up and turn this ship around

Coz I love you, I believe in you

But you won’t see me fuck up

Coz I won’t follow you down


Wake up!

I won’t follow you

I’m gonna run away


Right! Hot off the lot, put the metal in motion baby

Ninety-five and we’re not even trying

We’ve been rolling since midnight

We’re keeping it between the lines where everything’s fine

Pull off at the last chance, top it off

Cash is cool, there’s nothing left on the card

It’s a good speed when you keep on passing em

We’re not stopping til we find out

Where the time is arriving

The Horizon Now


Look sharp! Got me searching

For a satellite station and its “…all right now, baby it’s a…”

Hot coffee with the Les Paul Kossoff

Hitting all night long, and it’s gonna get loud

Fat city in the rearview mirror, no we won’t go back

And the storms getting hard

Score punch it, it’s waiting on the other side

We’re not stopping til we find out

Where the time is arriving

The Horizon Now


The heavens surely smiled

The day of your arrival

When she offered you a ride

And asked for nothing

So you made her house your home

You took over

But you don’t know her very well at all

You think you’ll get everything for free

So you take more than you need

But now the clouds are closing in

The wind blasts cross the sky

And the waves pound on the shore

She doesn’t seem to care about you anymore


You think that it’s OK to stay the same

And it’s not you who needs to change

She’s gonna be the one

You think that you’re not to blame

And you’re the only game she was ever made to play

Well, she’s gonna be the one

Who says goodbye to you and makes you cry

And you’ll refresh the oceans with the teardrops from your eyes

She’s gonna say goodbye


The city breaks the sky, fills the open eyes up

The people hurry by, they see nothing, they keep moving

The sun sets on a screen, it’s somewhere out there

Burning out there

And everybody knows you never get any air for free

It’s hard to even see

That the clouds are closing in

Tornadoes trash the sky

The waves pound on the shores

She doesn’t even have to fight to win the war


I have been here before

May have been or not been me

This shrouded sun, this broken shore

My enemy…

I stood tall before the fall

And when I lost it

I could feel the light

It was all around me, and it

Just seemed right to fall inside

We’re all alive in here


And we call for the celestial divine

As we hope for some intelligent design

And as we probe the outer corners of the cosmos with our mind

There’s always one we can’t unwind

We’re light experiencing time


I have been you before

And I could feel the way you feel

And here we are, back for more

This is real

Lived our lives so many lines

And each time over it was not enough

To learn the answers

It was only love that could not be forgotten here


We’re light

We’re all light

Experiencing time

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